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Real Estate: Ada Legal Group

Whether you’re in the midst of a contentious title dispute or simply looking to become a first-time homeowner, it is imperative that you seek legal counsel from a real estate lawyer you can trust. The right attorney can help you reduce legal risk, while also ensuring that all contracts you sign are in the best interest of your family or your business. Consider reaching out to the Ada Law Group, a respected real estate law firm that brings a unique and valuable Christian perspective to a variety of legal concerns.

Contract Drafting and Review

Devastating consequences can quickly arise if you do not protect your best interests with the help of a qualified real estate attorney. The Ada Law Group can provide the guidance you need throughout the entirety of the contract drafting process. Additionally, the law firm reviews existing contracts to ensure they are in your best interest. Contracts and documents reviewed by the firm include purchase agreements, listing agreements, sale contracts, and lease agreements, among others.

Real Estate Disputes

Despite the best of efforts to arrive at a mutually beneficial arrangement, businesses and individuals often find themselves mired in confusing and stressful real estate disputes. These disputes may involve everything from zoning to titles. Many real estate clients approach the Ada Law Group seeking assistance with actions to quiet title. These and other issues can often be resolved through mediation or collaboration, but in some cases, litigation is required. Regardless of your favored approach, you can count on Terry Heiss and the Ada Law Group to deliver a satisfactory resolution.

Ada Law Group: Faith-Based Real Estate Counsel

The Ada Law Group has a long history of success in real estate law. Terry Heiss believes that this success can be attributed, in part, to his faith-based legal work. Although his faith guides his legal efforts, he provides welcoming and inclusive service for clients from a variety of backgrounds. His clients appreciate the law firm’s emphasis on high-quality service. Fellow attorneys also speak highly of the Ada Law Group’s real estate services. Given the strength of the firm’s reputation, it’s easy to see why so many Grand Rapid residents are so quick to turn to Terry Heiss whenever they have legal concerns involving real estate. Do yourself a favor and reach out to the Ada Law Group today.

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