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Does your case require a lawsuit in the courthouse? In many domestic and civil litigation disputes, alternatives exist. Terry Heiss of the Ada Legal Group believes that many disputes can be handled without the need to go to court. If you are facing a dispute in Western Michigan, Terry Heiss can provide the guidance and support to set up a successful mediation, allowing you to come to a positive resolution without the need to go to court.


What Is Mediation?

Mediation is a form of dispute resolution that allows a neutral third party to assist the two parties in their negotiations. In a mediation, the third party does not make any decisions, but rather provides the structure in which the two parties can discuss their concerns and come to a mutually beneficial agreement. The mediator helps interpret concerns and relays information between the parties, helping to frame issue and define problems so they can see the other’s point of view and come to a positive resolution. The agreement may or may not be legally binding, depending on the factors in the case.


When Does Mediation Make Sense?

Mediation makes sense when both parties wish to avoid litigation, but need help coming to a positive resolution to their dispute. This is common in family court, small claim court and housing court, but can also be used in criminal court proceedings, depending on the details of the case. If you wish to avoid litigation, talk to Ada Legal Group about whether or not mediation is a possibility.


With mediation, you always have the option to move forward with litigation if you cannot come to an agreement, but most cases are able to be resolved in mediation. This saves thousands in legal costs by avoiding the lengthy and costly court process.


Trust the Experienced Mediation Team at Ada Legal Group

If you feel that you would like to pursue mediation as a solution to your dispute, choose the experienced team at Ada Legal Group led by attorney Terry Heiss. Since 1984, Attorney Heiss has been helping individuals explore alternative dispute resolution through recognized mediation principles in domestic and civil litigation disputes. For those who wish an alternative to litigation in the court house, he is able to mediate using Biblical principles, helping the parties reach a decision outside of court. Contact the Ada Legal Group today to discuss the details of your dispute, and to see if mediation may be a solution to your concerns..

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